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A bottle of Sancerre and a picnic.
The team drinking wine.

Tasting Notes

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Letter from the Editor

David Lynch, Editorial Director at SommSelect

Dear Friends,

Hey there—it’s been a minute. A lot has been happening around here, not least of which is the evolution of our website design and functionality. We’ve also beefed up our customer service team, and have been re-stocking our online wine shop with best-in-class selections across every imaginable category. After a rocky 2022, SommSelect isn’t merely refreshed, it’s reborn.

I’m compelled to say this because I’m now in my sixth year overseeing content and making wine selections for our brand. The constant throughout has been the quality of those selections (Daily Offers Manager/Supertaster Mark Osburn is now into his fifth year here) and the effort expended to bring those selections to life on the page. For all the “newness” in the online wine space, I still don’t see anyone going to the lengths we do to educate, entertain, and serve our customers.

Enjoy this month’s read and please contact me at david@sommselect.com if you have anything to share—including thoughts on what we could do better. Don’t worry, I can take it!