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A bottle of Sancerre and a picnic.
The team drinking wine.

Tasting Notes

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Letter from the Editor

David Lynch, Editorial Director at SommSelect

Dear Friends,

I’ve got a confession: Although I’ve worked in wine for about 25 years, including around 15 in restaurants, I’ve never drunk much Champagne. I usually found it too expensive, and too difficult to get my mind around. But that all changed when I came to SommSelect. Thanks in large part to our Daily Offers Manager (and certified Champagne fanatic) Mark Osburn, I’ve developed a much deeper appreciation of Champagne’s nuances, and of its intrinsic value. The myriad “grower” Champagnes we offer on SommSelect are some of the greatest wine values in existence.

So, too, are the many sparklers that live in the long shadow of Champagne. This edition is especially sparkle-heavy, befitting the season, and there’s lots to discover in the Wine Shop if you’re so inclined.