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Our story

Every bottle we sell is hand-selected by an expert team of sommeliers.

SommSelect was founded in 2014 as a way to “bring the sommelier experience home” to curious wine drinkers. In 2016, we had the honor of bringing on James Beard Award-Winning writer and sommelier, David Lynch, as our Editorial Director.

Becoming a knowledgeable sommelier is a serious task, but drinking great wine shouldn’t have to be. We pride ourselves on making our extensive experience accessible to our customers through curated Daily Offers, Monthly Clubs, Concierge Services, and an ever-evolving Wine Shop full of exceptional bottles from around the world. Think of us as your trusted guides to the world of wine and your favorite neighborhood wine shop, all rolled into one.

We travel the world to find interesting and innovative wine from sustainable, family-owned producers, with an emphasis on wine that over-delivers in quality for its price. Like any good sommelier, we share the story behind every bottle, so you can discover new regions, varieties, producers, and ultimately wine you love to drink.

Our Values

We are committed to five foundational values across all we do at SommSelect: discernment, accessibility, discovery, value, and inclusivity.

Discernment: We know world-class wine.

Each wine featured at SommSelect is hand-picked through a rigorous, team-centered tasting approach led by our sommeliers. On average, only 5% of the wines we taste end up in our selections. And if there’s ever any doubt about choosing a bottle we ask ourselves one simple question: would we bring this to a friend’s house for dinner? We treat our customers like our friends, and every bottle we sell is a wine we are unequivocally enthusiastic about sharing.

Accessibility: Sharing the sommelier experience.

The job of a great sommelier is to help people choose wines they’ll love, and maybe share an insight or two along the way. SommSelect gives customers access to world-class sommeliers and our favorite bottles. We source wine that has a story to tell: who is making your wine, where does it come from, and why do we think it’s worth sharing? We want our customers to have the opportunity to experience new regions, producers and varieties, and ultimately understand what they like and why — from the comfort of their home.

Discovery: The good stuff is worth going the distance.

Traveling allows us to meet some of the most interesting and innovative winemakers in the world and bring their wine to your doorstep. We believe the foundation of an empowered relationship with wine is through learning more about it. That’s why we share stories and not just bottles. We could just tell you what to drink, but we’d rather help broaden your knowledge so you can make well-informed decisions specific to your own personal palate.

Value: Exceptional wine within reach.

We search the world for wines of outstanding value. You can rest assured that regardless of price—be it $20 or $200—the bottle in your hands will over-deliver in its category. In terms of cost to quality, we’re in the top 1% of online wine retailers, and that’s where we plan to stay. We want everyone to feel that they can enjoy exciting, delicious wines within their budget, and our selections reflect that mission.

Inclusivity: It’s about more than just wine.

At SommSelect, we prioritize inclusivity and diversity not just in the wines we sell, but the people we hire and do business with. That also extends to our customers: we want you to feel that SommSelect is a welcoming and intuitive place to purchase wine, regardless of your knowledge, background, or experience. Everyone deserves to feel welcome in the world of wine, and we are working tirelessly to make our company—and our industry—the most equitable it can be. Read more about our commitments.

Our Team

Our team is built of industry leaders. We’ve worked in the world’s finest restaurants, achieved the highest wine certifications, shoveled thousands of tons of grapes, won James Beard awards, written books, traveled the globe, and have certainly drunk more than our fair share of wine. All of that passion has led us to SommSelect, where we use our cumulative knowledge to the benefit of our customers. Our palates are as varied as our experiences.

Our Team

David Lynch

Editorial Director

Neil Mechanic

Store Manager / Concierge & Sourcing Specialist

Samantha Heuker

Manager of Customer Experience and Wine Clubs

Meghan Kehoe

Email Marketing Manager

Hailey Murphy
Hailey Murphy

PR Lead

Our Contributors