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A bottle of Sancerre and a picnic.
The team drinking wine.

Tasting Notes

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Letter from the Editor

David Lynch, Editorial Director at SommSelect

Dear Friends,

I write this note one day after receiving notification from my son’s school that mask restrictions have been lifted. I’ve been out to dinner, in a proper sit-down restaurant, twice in the last week. It feels like maybe, just maybe, we’re putting COVID behind us? I feel like I’m defying Kenny Rogers and counting my money while still at the table…all I can say is I hope it’s real this time.

We’ve published travel guides in each of our newsletters thus far, and plan on many more. Our own team is starting to get out into the field more, after two years of working from home. Hopefully you’ll be able to put some of the advice herein to good use in the months to come. And if you do, tell us all about it — tag us on social media @sommselect, we’d love to hear from you!