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A bottle of Sancerre and a picnic.
The team drinking wine.

Tasting Notes

Your monthly newsletter from the team at SommSelect

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Letter from the Editor January 2022, Volume 1

David Lynch, Editorial Director at SommSelect

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of Tasting Notes, our new monthly newsletter!

We’ve always said that we don’t just sell wine, we tell its story, and that’s what we’ll do here. Whether it’s a quick refresher on wine terminology, a Q&A with a great sommelier or winemaker, or a deep dive into where to eat and what to do on your wine travels, we’re excited to share our stories with you.

I got my start in wine as a writer and editor at Wine & Spirits magazine, which not only fueled my fascination with wine but also with travel. These passions are shared by our founder, Ian Cauble, and are at the foundation of everything we do here at SommSelect.

If you receive our Daily Offers, or are a member of one of our clubs, you know we don’t skimp on the details. But there’s much more to share, so read on—and keep an eye out for future editions!


The Year in Wine: 2021 Which grapes, regions, and producers stood out in an action-packed year of tastings? Here are some of our Greatest Hits of 2021.

Jan 2022  |  By Mark Osburn, SommSelect Daily Offer Manager

You can’t help but become a trend-spotter when your job is to source, schedule, and write SommSelect’s Daily Offers. As we often mention, only about 10%-15% of the wines we taste end up being offered on the site...

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Wine Word of the Month: “Leesy” Winespeak

Jan 2022  |  By Ian Cauble

Our founder and in-house Master Sommelier helps decode the wine lexicon.

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Where to Wine, January 2022 Somm On the Go

Jan 2022  |  By David Lynch

After nearly two years of a global pandemic, we’re all desperate to travel again. Some of us have already begun, but in the sincere hope that 2022 is full of adventure and new experiences, we reached out to intrepid colleagues in the wine industry in search of the best places to drink wine in the world...

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Chablis & Steak Tartare Wine Pairings

Jan 2022  |  By David Lynch

Yes, you read that right. If you read our Daily Offers, you’ll see it’s become one of our favorites, and if you think about it, it’s not so unconventional at all.

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Nebbiolo Beyond Barolo Wines of the Moment

Jan 2022  |  By David Lynch

Barolo and Barbaresco, located near the town of Alba in Piedmont, are the two most famous appellations featuring the Nebbiolo grape. But, as fans know well, there are other haunts for the variety throughout Northern Italy...

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