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The Explore 4 Gift Pack“Pinot Noir Bargains” (750mL)

From the Wine Shop

The Explore 4 Gift Pack “Pinot Noir Bargains” (750mL)

“Everyone loves Pinot Noir: It’s aromatic, supple, brightly fruited, and versatile. But, most of the time, it is also expensive. Here are some Pinot bargains (sub-$30 retail) from a recent “Explore Four” club shipment.”

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Each Explore 4-pack tackles a new theme: This one is a selection of Pinot Noirs from around the world that won't break the bank. 

Pinot Noir is adaptable enough, and popular enough, to be one of the most widely planted wine grapes worldwide. It is so popular, in fact, that it is planted in places it probably shouldn’t be. At the same time, there is still undervalued Pinot Noir real estate out there, the identification of which is Step One in any bargain hunt.

Given the variety’s preference for cooler climates and poorer soils, we leaned toward lesser-known regions in both Hemispheres with those characteristics. Here's what's in the box:

Shelter, “Lovely Lilly” Pinot Noir, Baden, Germany 2019

Delicate, spicy, ethereal Pinot Noir with an ‘edge-of-the-forest’ quality that characterizes Baden Pinot Noirs.

Cantina Valle Isarco Pinot Nero, Südtirol/Alto Adige, Italy 2017

The most northerly growing zone on the southern side of the Alps delivers a Pinot Noir filled with lots of smoky, mineral savor and velvety texture.

Zorzal, “Gran Terroir” Pinot Noir, Tupungato Valley, Mendoza, Argentina 2018

This upstart producer delivers one of the most mind-bending Pinot Noir values you’ll ever encounter: the texture, aromatics, and energy are all spot-on!

Clos des Fous, “Subsollum” Pinot Noir, Aconcagua/Itata Valleys, Chile 2017

Globe-trotting viticulturist/geologist Pedro Parra is part of the quartet behind the ambitious Clos des Fous project, which is laser-focused on producing terroir-driven wines.

**The gift comes complete with our comprehensive Tasting Guide, covering everything you need to know about these wines, where they grow, who made them, what they taste like, and what they pair with–including space to record your own tasting notes. 

Above all, this gift is about new sensations and the heightened enjoyment that comes from knowing what you’re drinking!

Please note, this item is a pre-packed selection chosen by our team of Sommeliers and will ship on its own (free Ground shipping is included!). Therefore, it is not eligible for Build a Case shipping. 

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  • Alcohol14%

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