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SommSelect Approved: The Gabriel-Glas StandArt Stunningly lightweight, finely balanced, dishwasher safe, and durable.

December 01, 2022
Gabriel Glas Standart Glassware - 2022-12-01 - Gabriel Glas North America
Gabriel Glas Standart Glassware

Before the COVID pandemic rocked worldwide supply chains, the wine stem of choice here at SommSelect HQ was this well-balanced, elegant, affordable number from Gabriel-Glas: Their StandArt series all-purpose glass. We were thrilled to learn that they’ve re-stocked and are back to selling a glass that has won the hearts of sommeliers nationwide.

Machine-blown, with a laser cut rim, the StandArt has a great shape for focusing a wine’s aromas, and is designed to work with whites, reds, and sparklers alike (as SommSelect subscribers know, we are not big fans of flutes). Created by Swiss wine critic and author René Gabriel, the Gabriel-Glas line is manufactured in Austria, which is also home to high-end glassmakers Zalto and Riedel.

The Standart all-purpose glass clocks in at around $34, about half the cost of a Zalto (and a lot harder to break).