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Chablis & Steak Tartare Wine Pairings

January 14, 2022

It’s true that red meat and red wine are meant for each other. There is, of course, a “bloodiness” to red wines that goes well beyond color: Tannins and other compounds leached from the skins of red grapes contribute an iron-like minerality to the wine and interact in a symbiotic way with fat. But there’s another component in wine that is equally, if not more, effective at breaking down fat—acidity.

Steak tartare on a black plate, surrounded by herb garnishes and light crumbs.

Acidity is something Chablis has in spades. Minerality, too. And when you think about steak tartare, it’s not exactly like a rare ribeye steak. The cuts of beef used for tartare are usually a bit leaner, while certain classic accompaniments (like capers) are better suited to white wine. The clean, delicate flavors of tartare are much different than those of something just out of the oven or off the grill—and the taut structure, restrained fruit, and mineral edge of Chablis is just the ticket. Give it a try with this recipe and you’ll see what we mean!